We’re back in Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific! 

Aubrey over at The Love Assembly has landed a huge collaboration with HK national airline Cathay Pacific. And together, we created a three-part commercial series for their new in-flight scent Parfums de Voyage.

For months I had been planning to leave for my cousin’s wedding in San Francisco around Aug 30 then with only weeks to spare Aubrey asks:

“What are your dates looking like from Aug 29-Sep 2? I think I may have a job for you with Cathay Pacific.”

Hows that for timing? I'm pretty free & flexible with my schedule but the one week I have blocked out is when I get asked to create content for a major airline.

So I had to make a hard decision — cousin's wedding or Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific?

Porque no los dos. 

And just like that, Aubrey pulled some strings, changed some dates, planned some outfits and we were flown from Sydney to Hong Kong to shoot!